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The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is a group of Homeowners appointed by the Board of the Princeton Mill Homeowner Association (PMHOA). The covenants task the ACC to preserve the architectural appearance and design standard of the neighborhood. The ACC performs this by evaluating any changes owners wish to make to their property prior to work or construction.

Submission of changes with an Improvement Request Form to the ACC for approval is a requirement of the Protective Covenants. Nonmembers of the PMHOA are also subject to the ACC through the Protective Covenants.


The ACC does not have to approve work that is considered "maintenance" which is repair that does not change the appearance, material, fit or function of an object. Changes to exterior colors, changes to the house siding material, and changes to the style or color of roofing are examples of things changing the appearance or material, and are not considered "maintenance" by this definition, and would require approval from the ACC. Changes to landscaping that involves hardscape (walls, sidewalks or other non living objects), or involves grading of the soil that could impact the drainage, are also to be submitted for ACC consideration. When in doubt, contact the ACC prior to work.

Changes are requested from the ACC by filling out an Improvement Request Form. The ACC requests 30 days to evaluate and approve each change. Contact the ACC if expedited consideration is needed. The Board has the authority to require any unapproved changes be removed, or fines imposed for noncompliance, or both.

If you have any questions for the ACC, send a message below:

Thanks for submitting!

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