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Princeton Mill Tennis

Living in Georgia offers a great many benefits, and one of them is year-round Tennis and Pickleball. Tennis and Pickleball are some of our neighborhood's most popular sports. Participant or spectator, both are great for all!

Princeton Mill offers the use of 4 courts year-round (Court 4 is lined for Pickleball) for Recreational Members of both Princeton Mill HOA and Weddington HOA, as well as their guests. Our courts are available on a first come first serve basis for those who go through the Reservation process.  Princeton Mill is also home to several teams (Men, Women or Mixed) with various tennis leagues from ALTA, to USTAUltimate and T2.

Tennis Court Guidelines:

1) Courts can only be used by HOA Members in good standing with the HOA, or members of the Weddington HOA.  

2) HOA Members can have up to 3 guests at one time.

3) Courts can be reserved for up to 2 hours on any given day within 8 days of the current date.

4) Courts should only to be used for Tennis or Pickleball, but exceptions can be made through the Tennis Chairperson.

5) Viewing area is open to the Public, we just ask that it be kept clean.

6) Courts need to be kept clean of trash, please use available trash cans.  Rollers must be returned to their proper storage spot.

7) Any abuse should be reported to the HOA. 

8) Tennis Teams are responsible to clean the viewing area, return cushions and empty all court trash containers after every match.

9) No loud or profane music at any time.

10) Tennis courts are open from 8AM - 8PM

Court Reservations

The Princeton Mill courts are available by reservation. Courts may be used on a walk-up basis for up to 2 consecutive hours, unless previously reserved. Courts may be reserved online after registering as a user.  Individual reservations can be made up to 10 days in advance, while organized teams may reserve courts through the end of the current regular season and Playoffs. Courts may be closed periodically for maintenance or special events.


We look forward to a fun-filled and safe season. Enjoy the courts!

Club ID: 2601c



8 AM

8 PM

Tennis Teams

We currently have several teams playing at our courts: USTA and ALTA teams (women's, men's, and mixed). Additionally, we have several players who participate in K-Swiss, T2, and other leagues playing both singles and doubles.

Please contact the Tennis Chair for any additional information. The Coordinator will direct you to one of the Team Captains who are always looking for more players!

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